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Keep Dover Beautiful

Keep Dover Beautiful is a grassroots, non-profit organization in Dover, PA.  The purpose of the organization is to provide information, resources, updates, and to create a supportive group to increase awareness, donations, and resources to protect our community. 

Our Goal, Vision & Commitment

Township Meetings

Volunteer, Participate, or Donate

"Every accomplishment starts with a decision to try."

-John F. Kennedy

Calendar of Events

Join Us

Want to help?

Ways to Donate:

  1. Donate online by clicking the "donate" button that links to our Give Send Go.

  2. Mail a Check

                     Send to:​

             Keep Dover Beautiful

             c/o 981 East Canal Rd.

             Dover, PA 17315

3. Donate your time, expertise, and/or skills. Contact the group at:

*Donations are tax deductible per your tax advisor.

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