"Keep Dover Beautiful"

Concerned Residents of Dover Township, PA have formed a citizens group opposing a proposed industrial scale Solar Farm in Dover Township, PA. 

Enel, owner of Dover Solar I, LLC has applied for a Special Exception-use permit to develop approximately 800 acres of mostly agricultural, industrial, and Residential-zoned land in Dover Township, PA; proposed to start operation in 2023.  Enel has another solar project of 600+ acres, by Dakota Power in Conewago Township, PA that is already approved and slated to start operation in 2023.

  The Dover Solar I project will include:

  • Photovoltaic modules (solar panels)

  • Inverters

  • An underground electrical collection system

  • A substation

  • A battery energy storage system

  • An operations and maintenance building

  • Access roads

  • Security fencing

  • Temporary parking and construction laydown areas

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The aesthetic beauty of prime farmland and residential property values are all threatened by this project, with only 35-50 feet setbacks, 8 foot high chain linked barbed wire perimeter fences, and up to 25 feet high rotating solar panels.  Abundant wildlife including deer, turkeys, fox, migratory birds, and hawks would be displaced. 

This project would be privately owned and funded, eligible for huge government tax credits; the energy created by this project will only be powering the East Coast Grid and will NOT benefit local electricity rates in the Township; and very few local jobs would be created.  The only benefit to the Township and residents is increased tax payments for the school district.

Dover Solar I industrial solar farm and other solar farms in the surrounding area threaten agricultural lands that are essential for feeding wildlife and contributing supporting food for American consumption.  These targeted farmland and residential areas have been established for approximately 100 years. 

Citizens for "Keep Dover Beautiful" are respectfully requesting that any board decision be a resounding "NO" as suggested by the Planning Commission on September 2, 2020.

Your support is urgently, and gratefully, needed.  Please see the link for Donations to oppose this Project.

The next Public Hearing for the Dover Township Zoning Board addressing this request for Special Exception is June 15, 2022 at 7 PM, Dover Middle School Auditorium, 46 West Canal Rd. Dover, PA. 

We believe our community has a voice about the future of Dover.


Our Mission

The mission of Keep Dover Beautiful is to promote responsible growth for the benefit of all residents and to stop industrial scale solar farms on rural and agricultural land.


Our Vision

  • Say "NO" to industrial-scale solar farms in our Community.

  • Inform residents of the community.

  • Create a supportive group to increase awareness, donations, and resources to protect our community.


We Need Your Support Today!