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Timeline of Events

Past Events

3/22/21 – Board of Supervisors adopted Ordinance 2021-03 by a 5-0 vote allowing for a Principal Solar Energy System ("PSES") in the Township


10/2021 – Enel as Dover Solar I, LLC submitted an application under the ordinance to install an 800-acre PSES in the Township, Case No. ZHB 21-3

11/17/21 – Hearing on the proposal was continued

12/15/21 – Hearing was held

1/19/22 – Hearing was held

2/10/22 – Keep Dover Beautiful ("KDB") retained CGA Law Firm

2/11/22 – CGA sent letter to ZHB requesting continuance of hearings.

2/16/22 – Hearing was held:  CGA cross-examined Enel’s witness and ZHB granted continuance

3/16/22 – Hearing:  CGA presented KDB’s case. 


4/20/22 – Hearing:  continuation of CGA presenting KDB’s case/cross examination


5/18/22 – Hearing:  continuation of hearing and cross examination

6/15/22 - Zoning Hearing Board rendered a decision approving Enel's application for special exception to install an 800-acre PSES in the Township, with conditions.

Click on the box to view the Continuance Request, from CGA Law, on behalf of Keep Dover Beautiful (KDB).

Click on the box to view Dover Township's Agendas & Minutes links.

Monthly Meetings

Upcoming Dover Township Monthly Meetings


Board of Supervisors - 2nd & 4th Monday @ 7:00 pm

Zoning Hearing Board - 3rd Wednesday @ 7:00 pm


Planning Commission - 1st Wednesday @ 7:00 pm

Industrial & Commercial Development Committee (ICDC) - 4th Wednesday @ 4:00 pm


Sewer Authority - 4th Wednesday @ 6:00 pm

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